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OMIC Oregon Laboratory
OMIC Bangkok Laboratory
OMIC Melbourne Laboratory

  OMIC Laboratories in Exporting Countries.

Our staff are familiar with Food Safety Legislation and Regulations !
Largest Number of Items for Pesticide Residue Analysis in the Region !
Each Laboratory has ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation.

  The Analytical Services provided by OMIC Group Laboratories

Our laboratories in the USA, Thailand and Australia can analyze with an equivalent quality to that carried out in Japan, using the samples collected in your factories and coordinating with suppliers in these countries.
Besides the samples collected in the USA, Thailand and Australia, our overseas laboratories can also analyze the samples taken from other exporting countries.
In the event your samples are located in Japan, they can still be analyzed in our overseas laboratories with reliable results and at an affordable price.

■ Please contact our staff at the Agri-Business Marketing Department for more information. Direct inquiries to our overseas laboratories can also be made in Japanese/English/Local languages.


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